Social modules

Our social modules facilitate communication between users and the Khmer Support team, as well as between users themselves. You need to register in order to participate in this communication. Users who have a Facebook account can use this account to login to This feature will in the near future be extended to other social applications such as Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The forum module is the place for public discussions. Each discussion is called a thread. The first posting is usually a question or a remark. Other users can then reply or add remarks to the first posting, thus creating a thread.

Khmer support uses its forum to provide free support to all of its members. Premium members (our partners) enjoy in addition 24/7 support by telephone.

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Social groups

Our social groups have the functionality of the popular Facebook groups. Registered users can join groups, create groups, post announcements, pictures and links, while your friends can like postings and comment on them. They can follow the activity of their favorite groups in journals.

The popularity of Facebook has made users familiar with the functionality of social groups. Build this in your own web portals. Khmer Support can help you achieve this.

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Private messages

Registered users can send private messages to other users which can only be read by the user those messages are sent to. The messaging system also provides access to notifications as a result of following forums, forum threads or journal entries.

Chat rooms

DotNetNuke is modular platform on which it is easy to create your website. You plug in modules with the functionality you need. A vast number of modules come with DotNetNuke "out of the box". If the required functionality is not available, it can easily be programmed in or C# programming languages, using an extended library provided by the platform.

Many commercial and for-free modules are available in the DotNetNuke environment. Khmer Support is evaluating a number of chat modules to bring you the best choice. Our web portal does not have a chat module yet, but when we have tested the most popular ones, we will implement it here.